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Pokemon Games

Pokemon Games

If you have access to the Internet over the past 48 hours, you must have noticed that everyone is talking about Pokemon Go game. This application, which is crazy the whole world allows you to become at least about Pokemon.

If you are the previous days around you see people who seemingly without reason, looking at the phone and look like they chasin 'something that is vitally important, do not worry - it's just players games Pokemon Go.

The company made the Niantic this game AR (augmented reality) for Android and iOS devices, which allows the pokemoni catch the "real" world.

After installing the application, your phone via GPS projected actual environment in which the hidden virtual pokemoni. The real fun begins when you start to catch them Pokelopte which is on the phone screen, and all becomes even crazier when you find yourself in the battle pokemon!

Pokemon Games

Although she came primarily week, Pokemon Go has become a major game of the year. In less than 24 hours, has become the most downloaded apps on the App Store in the US, and the internet is flooded with information about where you can catch the Pokemon. What is specific to this game is that it is a kind of gentle training - simply makes you get out of the house and walk around until you encounter Pikačua, Charmandera and other things. Some people change and life - one guy was fired because of her, and one decided to resign and went on for two months to travel around the world and caught Pokemon! If you are more into older pokemon games, you can find pokemon leaf green rom here.

The number of users of this application is growing day by day, and its popularity is likely to reach its maximum when it is available to users in Europe and Asia. Until then, all you who are able to install, remember - must collect them all!

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